Writing Progress Chart

I created this tool to better assist with tracking my writing word count and to better motivate me, and I want to share it with all authors and writers. The tool tracks your writing progress by week. You just enter a date your week will end (So if I started writing on Sunday 11/24, I enter 12/1 - the next Sunday). I set my writing goal for the week, and then at the end of the week, I enter my actual word count.

The tool will then automatically set me a goal for the next week based on my writing habits over the previous weeks and show me what my word count would be if I hit my goal. As I enter my total word count each week, it will also give me a green smiley face or a red frowny face if I met or missed my goal.

It will also automatically graph total word count, and show me a goal line for where I should be. 


It's a great tool to find motivation and to see your progress. I find that I am more likely to write when I see my progress in graph form and see my increases from week to week. I also don't want any frowny faces! 

If you are interested in using the progress chart, just click on "Get The Tool" and download a copy. There is an instructions tab if you need help or you can contact me for assistance.


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